Is living in florida worth it?

Living in Florida Won't Break the Bank Florida goods and services, healthcare and housing fall below the national average. If you want to move to a Florida city with a low cost of living, consider Jacksonville, which falls 9 percent below the national average. Half of the state's land area is covered by forests (26,000 square miles) that have a staggering 3,000 different types of wildflowers. This includes, of course, our beloved palm trees.

In addition, the state has more than 500 species of non-native animals including some very exotic (and beautiful) animals, such as the Indian peacock. Florida is also a popular destination for retirees. It has no state income taxes, it has a low cost of living, and its large retirement population means there are plenty of recreational activities for seniors. It also has a large selection of active adult communities and a decent health system.

The biggest advantages of living in Florida are its strong economy, excellent job opportunities, weather and climate conditions, and beautiful landscapes. The Florida Move Guide says that when the “honeymoon” in Florida ends, of those who can afford to move again, outside of Florida, many move to North Carolina. I arrived here and in 2 days I was able to see one of the best doctors in Boston, after years of doctors in Central Florida telling me it was just a muscle pull, which was not the case. After living here in Florida for more than 2 years, I can honestly say that the ONLY thing here is that there is no snow.

So you moved to a place in Florida that has had a high crime rate for years, and then you complain about crime? If you love mountains, hiking, and climbing, you'll find it very difficult to satiate yourself after moving to Florida. Giving me the choice between the mountains or the beach and nothing that works in the Carolinas or Georgia, fate would make me move to Florida instead. Living in Florida isn't just sunshine, it's flat, it has an extreme climate and its government is poorly managed. Currently, nearly 21 million people live in the Sunshine State, and its annual growth rate of 1.8% is above the national average.

If you don't like tourism, something that permanent residents of a very touristy place don't usually do, Florida can age quite quickly. I really think a big reason some people move to Florida is to push people north when it's snowing on them. Aside from beauty, beaches, and sunshine (everything we say is pretty good), Florida doesn't boast of state taxes. Florida is located in the southernmost state of the United States of America, with the most pleasant climate, such as warm weather.

I would say that if you found wonderful, enchanting and incredibly fabulous 70-80 degree weather without oppressive humidity, I would hate Florida.

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