What is florida special?

Ron DeSantis says he is expanding the special session focused on redistricting to also address the dissolution of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The 25,000 acre district was created by the legislature in 1967 and allows Walt Disney World to act as its own government with control over its own airport, new roads and zoning, among other things. The governor first launched the idea of dissolving the district shortly after Disney CEO Bob Chapek opposed the “Parental Rights in Education” or “Don't Say Gay” law. Law Will Restrict How Students Discuss Gender and Sexuality in K-12 Classrooms In 1845, shortly after Florida became a state, the legislature went one step further and established the first special district through a special law.

In addition, all special districts are subject to the requirements of the statutes, if any, and Chapter 189 of the Florida Statutes - Uniform Special District Accountability Act (Act). The main difference, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, is that municipalities and counties have broad powers and provide local general government services; while special districts have local specialized government services and have limited, related and prescribed powers explicitly. At the time, Disney apologized to employees for how it handled the situation and announced that it would temporarily stop political donations in Florida. According to the state, it was created in 1967 by “a special law of the Florida Legislature, whose purpose is to support and manage certain aspects of economic development and tourism within the boundaries of the District.

The terms public body, political body, and political subdivision include special districts (see section 1.01 (, Florida Statutes). Florida defines a special district as “a unit of local government created for a special purpose, as opposed to a general purpose, that has jurisdiction to operate within a limited geographical boundary and is created by general law, special law, local ordinance, or by rule of the Governor and Cabinet. To request Florida Statutes, Florida Laws, CD-ROMs, indexes, and other publications, visit Legistore. After World War II, the baby boom and Florida's growing popularity created the need for a variety of new special districts, such as aviation authorities and hyacinth control districts.

Additional Information: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Special District Accountability Program Contact. Within a year, Florida's first Capitol Building, a small log cabin big enough for all six legislators, was built in what is now Tallahassee. In 1989, the Florida Legislature passed the Uniform Special District Liability Act (Chapter 189, Florida Statutes - Uniform Special District Accountability Act). Florida created the Walt Disney World Special District in 1967, and the state pledged not to change its status unless all debts owed to the state are paid, a promise that could put an obstacle in front of the governor.

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