Which part of florida is the prettiest?

You haven't really experienced the beauty of Florida until you've visited these 10 destinations. From the northern part of the Sunshine State to the Keys, these absolutely beautiful spots deserve a spot on your travel list. To explore Florida's rich history, you should make the trip to St. At 450 years old, this North Florida city is as charming as it is old (we say that as a compliment).

Located on the Matanzas River, this European-inspired city combines cobblestone streets and Spanish forts with sparkling palm trees and sparkling coastlines. If you've been delaying your trip to Rome or Spain, this Florida spot may be the best option (a short drive away, of course). Colourful pastel-painted beach houses, swaying palm trees, the historic Ernest Hemingway home and the noisy bars of Duval Street, there's nothing quite like Key West (and the seven-mile bridge you must take to get there). About a mile south of Cape Florida, you'll find a group of seven pastel-colored timber-framed houses.

The now-empty houses, dating back to the 1930s, were known to host wild parties during Prohibition. Nowadays, the houses sit quietly in the middle of the open waters, it is truly a sight worth seeing. If you're nearby, embark on a fascinating guided tour from the Deering Estate. Just over a mile long, Micanopy is Florida's self-proclaimed antiques capital.

It is known as a quiet, rural town south of Gainesville, which is why it earned the nickname “the little town that time forgot”. With a population of approximately 600, the busiest road (Cholokka Boulevard) is lined with typical Florida architecture, old oak trees covered with Spanish moss and old shop windows. The 35 Best Tourist Attractions in Miami, Florida The 20 Best Tourist Attractions in Orlando, Florida The 10 Best Tourist Attractions in St. Petersburg, Florida The 10 Best Weekend Getaways in Florida The 10 Best Tourist Attractions in St.

Its Attractive Spanish Colonial Architecture and Its Narrow Streets cobblestone lined with charming cafes, St. Augustine could easily be mistaken for a giant theme park, but thankfully, it's not. As the oldest European settlement in the U.S. This unique city in Northeast Florida is brimming with old-world charm and historic landmarks.

A variety of world-class museums and monuments along with a picturesque white sand beach and some of the best restaurants in the state contribute to St. Augustine's undeniable charisma. From shopping on Las Olas Boulevard to exploring the historic Stranahan House with furnished antiques, this lively city offers a dream Florida vacation. Filled with fun-filled activities, this top-rated tourist destination is a must see of Florida as you explore South Florida.

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